RGB LED Speaker Light Kit for Stern Pinball Machines

RGB LED Speaker Light Kit for Stern Pinball Machines
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Price: $49.00
Product ID : FPTRGB_stern
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These RGB LED speaker light kits are compatible with all Stern pinball machines.

Please select either *round* or *square* style from the drop-down menu above. 

Square style light kits are for Stern games Striker Xtreme through Metallica (1999- early 2013).  Round style light kits are for Stern games Star Trek and after (late 2013-present).  There are exceptions to this with later re-runs of some games such as Iron Man, Metallica, and AC/DC.  If your game has a metal speaker panel with round speaker opening, then you need the *round* kit.  If you game has a wooden speaker panel with square speaker openings, then you need the *square* kit.

Light up you your back box speakers with a wide variety of colors!  You can choose one color, or fade between all the colors for various cool effects!  Color intensity and brightness are also adjustable.

All the different elements of this lighting kit are at your fingertips using the 44-key remote control pad.

Installation takes about 20 minutes and no permanent modifications are needed to install this kit.

Kit includes:
2 RGB speaker lights
1 remote control
1 transformer/IR remote receiver
Mounting hardware.
Complete installation instructions

Max Power Consumption: .25 amp at 12v