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12 Volt RGB LED Light Strip Kit
    12 Volt RGB LED Light Strip Kit
    Purchase 12 Volt RGB LED Light Strip Kit
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      12 Volt RGB LED Light Strip Kit

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    Our custom length RGB light strip kits are great for creating custom lighting in your pinball machine.  These kits come in various wire harness lengths and RGB light LED strip lengths so there are many different options/configurations to suit your needs.
    Secondary picture above shows the basic kit; 1 12" wire harness with a 2" RGB light strip.
    Choose wire harness length and RGB light strip length you need from the drop-down menus above.
    Recommended Installation Steps:
    Step 1: Turn off the main power to the machine.
    Step 2: Mount RGB Strip in desired location.  The RGB strip has 3M adhesive on the back side for easy mounting.
    Step 3: Connect the black wire from the harness to a 12volt source on your machine.
    Step 4: Connect the desired color wire up to any ground signal on your machine. 
      Step 4A: For constant lighting, connect the desired color wire up to ground on your pinball machine.  This will keep the LED strip illuminated any time your machine is on.
    Step 4B: For a flashing behavior, connect the desired color wire up to the signal side of any coil or flasher.  Be sure to only connect the wire to the side of the coil and flasher that does not have power.  It is usually the thinner wire on the coil.  Please be careful when connecting any wires to the coils as you can injur yourself or damage the machine if not done properly.