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We are closed for the holidays. You will be able to checkout starting at noon (12PM CST) on Saturday Jan 2nd. Please return to the checkout process after 1/2/21. Orders will begin shipping on Monday, 1/4/21.  

If you attempt to checkout, you are going to get an error.  The error will say "One or more required fields were not filled out correctly" and the Country field will be outlined in red.  We have disabled all countries so no one is allowed to checkout until 1/2/21.  You will not see your country in the dropdown list and not be able to checkout.  This is on purpose and we know this is happening.  This is how we are preventing checkouts during our break.  We are keeping the website open for you to continue to use it as reference, browse, add items to your wishlist or cart, however you cannot checkout.

Thank you for your patience!  Happy New Year!