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The Shelter In Place order continues thru May in Illinois. We continue to ship orders within 2 business with few exceptions. Thank you for your continued support and patience while we work on your order.

See below for some common questions regarding shipping during this crisis.

  • Why is shipping so expensive? We continue to only offer UPS during the Shelter In Place. UPS is quoting the minimum 1 pound rate to your location plus any UPS Covid-19 surcharges (international customers only). This makes small parcels a bit expensive to ship. Heavier parcels continue to ship at a very competitive rate.
  • When will you offer the US Postal Service and FedEx again? Yes, eventually we will once again offer these shipping services, but as of now we do not know exactly when this will be.
  • Why am I getting an error that says shipping cannot be calculated?  If you are in Canada, please read the next bullet.  For US customers, since we are only shipping via UPS, UPS does not ship to PO boxes.  If you store a physical address in address line 1 and a PO Box in address line 2, the PO Box is causing the problem.  Please remove the PO Box.
  • I'm in Canada and I can't checkout or get a shipping quote, what's wrong? The UPS estimate shipping process does not work with Canada. So, to see the correct shipping, please continue thru the checkout process. When entering your shipping address, use your 2 letter province abbreviation with both letters in CAPS. Do not spell out the province. You can cancel the checkout process by clicking our Pinball Life logo in the upper left corner to cancel the order if you do not like the quoted shipping amount.