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Borg Ship Windows - Blue
    Borg Ship Windows - Blue
    Purchase Borg Ship Windows - Blue
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      Borg Ship Windows - Blue

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    Set of 12 laser cut blue acrylic windows for Star Trek The Next Generations's Borg ship.

    These thicker acrylic windows will not tear or curl like the original acetate film pieces.

    To install, remove your old acetate windows and clip off the heat stakes.  This step is not neccesary if you are purchasing a new Borg ship from Pinball Life as we have already removed the heat stakes in advance.  Next, place all the parts into the ship to get the proper idea as to how they fit. If there is a fit probem, use a Dremel to trim the acrylic.

    Next, put silicone glue or hot glue on blank areas around the windows of the Borg ship and press the appropriate windows into place. Do not glue all of the pieces at once and take care to keep the glue away from the edges of the Borg ship windows. 

    If your ship is melted the front (the smaller L shaped part is the most commonly melted area), glue the long acrylic window first. Once this piece has set (dried) glue and set the shorter window.