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Dot Matrix Display for International Shipping Only
    Dot Matrix Display for International Shipping Only
    Purchase Dot Matrix Display for International Shipping Only
    • Product ID: 5901-12784-00_international
      Dot Matrix Display for International Shipping Only

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    Dot matrix display for international shipping (outside of USA).

    If you purchase a DMD from this page your display will be replaced if it is delivered damaged. To receive a replacement DMD you must return the damaged DMD at YOUR expense. Once received we will send you a new display and pay for the shipping back to you.
    These displays are warrantied for 6 months from the date of purchase.
    This is the most common plug-n-play complete module replacement for Williams/Bally (reference #5901-12784-00), Stern/Sega/Data East (520-5052-00), Gottlieb, Alvin G and Capcom machines. No soldering is required and installation takes only minutes. Even if your old burnt out display looks different on the backside, the two connectors will fit onto your machine's connector plugs for a quick and easy replacement. This is the latest update of this display and offers state-of-the-art, crisp and clear graphics.
    This display is used on the following games:
    Addams Family, The
    Addams Family Gold,  The
    Airborne Avenger
    Apollo 13
    Attack From Mars
    Austin Powers
    Avatar/Avatar LE
    Barbed Wire
    Batman/The Dark Knight
    Big Bang Bar
    Big Buck Hunter
    Big Hurt
    Black Rose
    Cactus Canyon
    Champion Pub
    Cirqus Voltaire
    Creature From the Black Lagoon
    Cue Ball Wizard
    Demolition Man
    Dirty Harry
    Doctor Who
    Dracula (Williams Bram Stoker's)
    Elvis/Elvis Gold
    Family Guy
    Fish Tales
    Flintstones, The
    Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street
    Getaway, The
    Gilligan's Island
    Golden Cue
    Guns N' Roses
    Harley Davidson
    High Roller Casino
    Independence Day
    Indiana Jones (Williams)
    Indiana Jones (Stern)
    Indianapolis 500
    Johnny Mnemonic
    Judge Dredd
    Junk Yard
    Jurassic Park
    Last Action Hero
    Lord of the Rings/Lord of the Rings LE
    Lethal Weapon 3
    Lost in Space
    Lost World: Jurassic Park 2
    Mario Andretti
    Medieval Madness
    Monster Bash
    Mystery Castle
    NBA Fastbreak 
    NFL Pinballs (all)
    No Fear
    No Good Gofers
    Party Zone
    Pinball Magic
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Pistol Poker
    Playboy (Stern)
    Punchy the Clown
    Rescue 911
    Ripley's Believe it or Not
    Road Show
    Rocky & Bullwinkle
    Roller Coaster Tycoon
    Rolling Stones, The
    Safe Cracker
    Scared Stiff
    Shadow, The
    Shaq Attaq
    Sharkey's Shootout
    Simpsons Pinball Party, The
    South Park
    Space Jam
    Spider-Man/Black Spider-Man
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Star Wars (Data East)
    Star Wars Trilogy (sega)
    Starship Troopers
    Street Fighter 2
    Striker Xtreme
    Strikes 'N Spares
    Super Mario Bros
    Tales From the Crypt
    Tales of the Arabian Nights
    Tee'd Off
    Terminator 2
    Terminator 3 T
    Theatre of Magic
    Transformers (all versions)
    Twilight Zone
    Viper Night Drivin'
    Water World
    Wheel of Fortune
    White Water
    Who Dunnit
    Wipe Out
    World Challenge Soccer
    World Cup Soccer '94
    World Poker Tour
    WWF Royal Rumble