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Whizbang Pinball, LLC began when Greg Freres and Dennis Nordman were reunited in Seattle for a pinball collectors show in June of 2009.  After speaking with many pinball enthusiasts and collectors, they learned of various custom pinball projects in the works and felt the timing was right to reconnect to their passion for design with the product that they know so well.

 Targeting both pinball enthusiasts and art collectors alike, or anyone that appreciates a new approach to an iconic platform, Whizbang Pinball uniquely combines art, technology and entertainment in a new yet familiar way.

 Combing talents in visual and mechanical design, Whizbang Pinball presents custom pinball as a new art form by integrating their pinball industry experience and artistic vision for a unique combination of art and technology.

 Whoa Nellie (Brand) Big Juicy Melons – Fruit Crate Labels and Pin-Up Art combine in this retro-mash-up of genres for their first foray into the world of custom pinball design.

 A limited series of only three hand-crafted games, completely redesigned from a “chopped” 1957 Gottlieb pinball machine, and built into a uniquely vintage cabinet with a fresh playfield layout by Dennis Nordman is well underway.  They have also created printed pinball backglasses and t-shirts which are available for sale here in this store.

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"Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons” T-Shirt
Unit Price: $25.00