Show Specials For Attendees of Our Open

Pinball Life's 13th annual Open House will take place on Thursday 10/12 (10:00 am to 4:00 pm) and Friday 10/13 (noon to 6 pm).

You must purchase an entry ticket to attend the Friday charity event.  Thursday entry is free.

Our address: 11912 Oak Creek Parkway, Huntley, IL 60142.


Williams/Bally WPC-era Ribbed Chrome Leg Sets - $40.00

SAM and SPIKE Shaker Motor Kits - $75.00

TNA shaker Motor Kits - $85.00

WPC/WPC-95 Coin Doors - $110.00

PinGulp Pro Drink Caddies - $10.00

PinGulp Premium Drink Caddies - $12.00

 Standard Playfield Glass - $20.00

Widebody Playfield Glass - $25.00

WPC/WPC-95 Backglass Glass - $15.00

Williams/Bally WPC-era Stainless Steel Lockdown Bars - $50.00

Bally Stainless Steel Lockdown Bar (circa 1974-1988) - $50.00

Williams/Bally WPC-era Widebody Stainless Steel Lockdown Bars - $80.00

Williams/Bally WPC-era Stainless Steel Side Rail Sets - $40.00

Bally Stainless Steel Side Rails (circa 1974-1981) - $50.00

Metal Cabinet Protector Sets - $12.00

PinGuard Cabinet Protector Sets - $12.00

125-Piece Black or White Rubber Kits - $25.00

BriteButtons Illuminated Flipper Button Set - $25.00

Golden Brown or Electric Pink Sac Rac - $12.00



As is the case every year, all items in our warehouse will be sold at discount prices.  

Discounted prices only apply to customers who are in attendance at our open house.  

FREE admission on Thursday, Oct. 12th, $15 admission with pre-purchased ticket on Friday, Oct. 13th.

To order your ticket CLICK HERE