Star Trek Pro, LE, and Premium (Stern)

'PinGulp Beverage Caddy Premium
Unit Price: $13.95
5-50 PinGulps - 10% discount.
1-3/8" Clear Pushbutton for Stern Lockdown Bars
Unit Price: $7.95
BriteButtons™ Illuminated Flipper Button Set For Stern White Star & SAM System Machines
Unit Price: $29.95
Click on picture to see game compatibility list.
Engage" Start Button
Unit Price: $6.95
PinGulp Beverage Caddy Pro
Unit Price: $11.95
5-100 PinGulps - 10% discount.
Red LED Dot Matrix Display For Stern Pinball Machines
Unit Price: $195.00
Shaker Motor Kit (Rev B) for Most Stern SAM System Games (Click here to see compatibility list)
Unit Price: $99.95
Click on picture to see list of games
this shaker motor kit works with!
2-3 shaker kits - 15% discount.
4-5 shaker kits - 25% discount.
6-10 shaker kits - 30% discount.
Star Trek Premium/LE Asteroid Flasher Assembly
Unit Price: $49.95
Stern Color-Changing Topper Lighting Kit
Unit Price: $44.95
Stern Front Molding Lockdown Bar Receiver Assembly For Lockdown Bars With Center *FIRE* Button
Unit Price: $69.95
Click on picture for complete
list of compatible machines.
Stern Star Trek Vengeance Plastic
Unit Price: $9.95