3D Design Details

Bringing access to 3D CAD drafting capabilities at a reasonable cost to our clients...  


You may have a great idea brewing but have no way to start the process because you need a technical drawing. Our new services offer you the following:  

•An assortment of files (STL, PDF, Solidworks files, DWG) containing the technical specifications for your product.  

•Once you have your drawing, our service can end and you take your drawing onto another facility that will help you produce or realize your product dream.  

•If you'd like, we can create a 3D prototype of your product  

•Potential to run small production amounts of your product (material, size and other dependencies)    


What would you potentially make?  

•A new product you want to have  

•A new product that you want to sell  

•An item that is decorative or something related to your hobby  

•A replacement part  

•Think outside the box! If you're holding something together with a piece of tape, maybe we can make a permanent fix!   


We will not draw or produce any copyrighted or trademarked material or material that is not of your original thought/ownership.  Other restrictions may apply.

Contact us to discuss at 847-515-3415. Ask for Alex! Or e-mail