Clearance Items

We have 100's (probably 1000's) of unknown or low inventory parts!

In an effort to get these parts out to the people who need them we have created this section. Here you will find an ever changing list of parts we either can not assign to a game or have such a low inventory of that we are selling them off and/or closing them out.

Parts will be listed as time permits.

2.2uf 250v Axial Capacitor
Unit Price: $0.70
Ablaze Ghost Busters #44/#47 Bayonet Based Lamp
Unit Price: $0.60
Ablaze Ghost Busters #555 Wedge Based Lamp
Unit Price: $0.60
CLEARANCE - 1" White Rubber Ring
Unit Price: $0.14
Jokerz Center Ramp/Upper Playfield - SECONDS
Unit Price: $19.95
PCB Standoff - Pack of 6
Unit Price: $2.95
Red Anodized Mini Post - SECONDS
Unit Price: $0.95
Sega Coil and Bracket Assembly
Unit Price: $19.95
Williams/Bally DMD High Power Replacement Board
Unit Price: $29.95