Q:  I can't remember my log-in or password.  What should I do?

A:  During checkout, click on the link "Lost your password? Click here to reset it."  A temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address you enter on the screen.
Once you have logged in using your temporary password you will be able to change your password to anything you would like.  To change your temporary password, click "My Account" at the upper right corner of our site.  Your account information appears and the password fields are at the bottom of the page where you can change it.  


Q:  I clicked on the area you told me to, but I never received a temporary password.  What is happening?

A:  Check your spam file.  Not there?  Ask yourself if perhaps you may have originally registered using a different e-mail address.  If so, your temporary password will be at that address.  Please note; AOL users may never receive a temporary password as AOL often completely blocks these kinds of automatically generated e-mails.  Dump AOL, it sucks.
The password is sent from the e-mail address <> and is titled "Pinball Life: New Password"


Q:  I've done all the things above but I STILL am not able to log in during the checkout process.  HELP!!!

A:  You've about come to the end of your rope, sorry.  We do not have access to your password for security reasons.  We DO have access to your log-in user name.  If you think that may help you remember your password shoot us an e-mail requesting your user name and we will send it to you.  We check e-mail often, but this still may take a few hours!


Q:  I was in the middle of placing a big order and the doorbell rang.  I did not get back to my computer unitl the next day.  When I returned I realized all the items in my shopping cart had disappeared.  What happened?

A:  Items SHOULD stay in your cart for several days.  Eventually your cart will dump, but there really is no telling when it will happen.


Q:  When will my order ship?

A:  Orders ship within 2 business days with rare exception.  We process orders in the order in which they are received. We do not work nights or weekends.  Delivery times are based on the carrier you selected at checkout.


Q:  I do not live the the USA.  How much is shipping to my country?

A:  Shipping costs can be calculated in the lower right hand corner of your cart page once you have added the items you wish to purchase.


Q:  I need a few items that I can not find on your site.  What should I do?

A:  Searching for parts on our website using the original manufacturer's part number is the most effective way to find out whether or not we have the part available.  Our site's search engine is located towards the upper right hand corner of each page.  99% of the parts we stock are available on our website.  If you are really desparate for a part that you can not find give us a call and ask.


Q:  I love pinball.  Do you folks love pinball too?

A:  Yes, we love it so much we married it.


Q:  I have e-mailed you several times but have not received a response from you.  What gives?

A:  We respond to all e-mail inquiries within 24 hours with very few exceptions.  If you have an AOL e-mail account our response may be getting blocked by your ISP.  Dump AOL, it sucks.


Q: How do I purchase a gift certificate?

A: From the category navigation menu on the left, select "Gift Certificate"  Complete the required information and amount of the gift certificate you'd like to purchase.  You MUST select the checkbox "Email this gift certificate"  If you do not check this option, you will not receive the voucher code to redeem the gift certificate.  Add the gift certificate to your cart.  Proceed to check out and complete your purchase paying via PayPal or a credit card. 





You can e-mail the gift certificate to yourself if you do not want the recipient to know in advance that you've purchased a gift certificate.  You will receive an e-mail with the gift certificate verification code.  


Q: How do I redeem a gift certificate?

A: If you received a gift certificate you must reference the email that was sent to you with the voucher code and name used when the gift certificate was purchased.  Add items to your cart as you normally would.  When you are ready to checkout, follow the checkout process as normal.  When the payment screen appears you will see "Gift Certificate" as a payment method.  Select "Gift Certificate" and then enter your first name, last name, and voucher code from the e-mail that was sent to you.  If your total amount exceeds your gift certificate amount you will have to enter an additional payment method to complete your purchase.  If your order total is less than your gift certificate amount you will have a remaining balance to use at another time.  You can check your balance under your profile.  Scroll down the main home page of Pinball Life and on the left hand side you will see "Gift Certificate Balance"  You will need to keep the gift certificate email that was sent to you to check your balance.  You are again asked for the first name, last name and voucher code from the email.


Q: I live in the local Chicago area and would like to pick up some parts.  May I do that?

A: Sure! Our business address is 11930 Oak Creek Parkway, Huntley, IL 60142.  Our business hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday thru Friday; Saturday by appointment only.  If you have a large list of items you need it is advisable that you e-mail us that list in advance so that we can have your order ready for you when you arrive.  Our phone number is 847-515-3415.  If you are just picking up a few items there is no need to send us a list in advance, just stop on by!  Please note: All pick up orders are cash-and-carry!

Q:  During the checkout process I choose USPS as my shipping option, but you guys shipped my order via FedEx or UPS.  What gives?

A:  A few of the items we sell (dot matrix displays, siderails, glass, RC-88 rubber cleaner, etc.) are considered over-sized and/or flammable by USPS's standards.  If you order these items they will be shipped via FedEx or UPS Ground regardless of what shipping method you select at checkout.  The items that qualify for this "FedEx or UPS Ground-only shipping" are clearly marked on the items' web page.


Q:  I loaded a bunch of items up in my cart but now your web site will not allow me to check out.  Why is this happening?

A:  There is a text box located underneath your subtotal at the bottom right of your cart page.  Make sure there are no numbers or letters in this text box.  If they are there, delete them.  If this action does not resolve the problem please contact us at terry@pinballlife or 847-515-3415. 

Also, if the items in your cart weigh over 150 pounds no real-time shipping can be generated from any shipping companies.