Pinball Wireless Remote Control for Stern SAM System Machines

Pinball Wireless Remote Control for Stern SAM System Machines
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Price: $49.95
Product ID : skibon_RF-SAM
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This kit works on all Stern pinball machines manufactured after and including “World Poker Tour”. This is Stern’s S.A.M. system.

This kit allows you to remotely adjust volume up/down, add credits, and access all test/audit menus without the coin door open.

The kit comes with one RFR-SAM receiver board and one RFT-SAM/WPC transmitter. The transmitter operates at a fixed frequency of 340 MHz and has a range of 100 feet. Each transmitter has a unique address that is transmitted when a button is pressed. A "program" button is provided on the receiver to program the transmitter(s) address into the receiver's memory. An LED on the receiver indicates the receiver's programming status and illuminates when the transmitter is activated. The receiver gets its power directly from the CPU board.

The diagnostic buttons on the pinball machines coin door will still function normally after the receiver is installed. 

Multiple transmitters can be programmed to one pinball machines receiver. If you have multiple machines
it is possible to program one master volume control transmitter to multiple machines.

The transmitter includes a loop so that you can hook it to your machine's key ring if you desire.

Installation is very easy and requires no soldering or tools. Installation should be complete in less than 5
minutes.  Complete instructions are included.

Click on the link below for a YouTube video tutorial.