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PinPAC 9 MAC Spooky Headphone Jack Kit
    PinPAC 9 MAC Spooky Headphone Jack Kit
    Purchase PinPAC 9 MAC Spooky Headphone Jack Kit
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      PinPAC 9 MAC Spooky Headphone Jack Kit

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    First and foremost
    As with all of Pinnovators headphone kits, it is important that you confirm coin door compatibility and machine compatibility.  Each product has instructions on the product page (as well as below) to guide you in purchasing the correct product for your machine.

    Design Background
    Carrying forward the PinPac system design, the PinPAC 9 provides the same quick and easy installation as our other PinPAC systems. The SINGLE interface/delivery cable provides a super clean and non-invasive look to your game.  When Pinnovators went to work on the new PinPAC 9 design they went right to the source and got a stock of original factory Lower Dollar Bill Acceptor (LDBA) coin door plates!


    • Easy “plug n play” installation, no soldering required. Just basic hand tools.
    • Universal custom made control panel that cleanly mounts on the coin door.
    • Super clean! One-cable installation from the soundboard to control panel. One ESD ground wire install too.
    • Integrated headphone jack to plug into the action and increase your concentration and level of play.
    • Factory speaker mute button for those late-night games when the family is in bed.
      •  Great for tournament play.
      •  Watchers can listen to the gameplay while player plugs in and tunes out other players and distractions.
    • Can be installed in under an hour!
    • Subwoofer output jack and included cable kit.
    • Master Audio Control (MAC) - adds an integrated system volume up and down control to the headphone panel.  You'll no longer need to open the door to control the system volume!  One of the great features is this volume control works during play or at any other time!  After testing, customer feedback was tremendous about the added flexibility of our system.  All in one pinball audio control was born.

    Coin Door Compatibility
    The PinPAC 9 is used on Spooky Pinball AND American Pinball systems with type "H" coin doors. Click here to confirm your coin door is compatible.

    Custom Coin Doors
    Do you have a custom coin door color (see Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle secondary image)?  Contact Pinnovators.

    Click here to watch a typical install
    Click here for the Spooky Pinball Installation Manual

    Game Compatibility List
    • America's Most Haunted
    • Rob Zombie
    • Total Nuclear Annihilation
    • Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle
    • Rick & Morty
    • Halloween/Ultraman