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Gold PinGulp Beverage Caddy
    Gold PinGulp Beverage Caddy
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      Gold PinGulp Beverage Caddy

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    The final solution for executive pinball machine beverage management!
    This unique cup holder mounts to your pinball machine using its own leg bolts. 
    The Gold PinGulp is completely suspended by its own mounting bracket and does not touch your cabinet, and it can be installed even when your games are lined up "head-by-head."
    The Gold PinGulp installs on virtually every pinball machine ever made!
    Whether it be a bottle, cup, can, mug, tumbler, or glass of almost any size or shape, the PinGulp easily handles them all!
    These PinGulps are side-specific.  Choose *Right Mounting* or *Left Mounting* from the drop-down menu above.
    Available with either a black wrinkle or Bally gray mounting bracket.  Choose *Black Wrinkle* or Bally Gray* from the drop-down menu above.
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