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Rottendog Stern Whitestar Driver Board
    Rottendog Stern Whitestar Driver Board
    Purchase Rottendog Stern Whitestar Driver Board
    • Product ID: RD-SDB004
      Rottendog Stern Whitestar Driver Board

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    We do not ship Rottendog boards internationally.
    Driver Board compatible with Stern Whitestar pinball games.
    This board is a direct plug-in replacement for the original OEM driver board.
    Stern #520-5137-00 & 520-5137-01.
    Key Benefits
    - Superior +5V Low Drop Out (LDO) regulation for operation at lower line voltages.  Also, the adjustable potentiometer has been removed.
    - Test points and LEDs added for all voltages generated on the board
    - Lamp Matrix upgraded to Williams Style TIP107s
    - Bridge Rectifiers replaced with discrete 5A diodes similar to WPC95 boards
    - Test point locations put into one location and clearly marked for easier troubleshooting
    - Normal sized fuses used to eliminate smaller original sized fuses.
    - Same component designators used to allow troubleshooting from original schematics (schematics supplied with purchase).
    - All new (not 15+ year old) components and PCB
    Game Compatibility:
    Austin Powers
    Apollo 13
    Grand Prix
    Harley - Davidson
    High Roller Casino
    Independence Day
    Lord of the Rings
    Lost in Space
    Lost World
    Ripley's Believe it or Not
    Roller Coaster Tycoon
    Simpson's Pinball Party
    South Park
    Space Jam
    Star Wars Trilogy
    Starship Troopers
    Striker Xtreme
    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
    Viper Night Driving