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Rottendog Display Williams System 11AB/Data East
    Rottendog Display Williams System 11AB/Data East
    Purchase Rottendog Display Williams System 11AB/Data East
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      Rottendog Display Williams System 11AB/Data East

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    We do not ship Rottendog boards internationally.
    This board is made from an advanced LED technology that was not available when the original boards were made by Williams/Data East.
    Our boards are plug-and-play compatible with the original board set.  No special tools or mounting tricks are required and the swap can be done by even the most novice of “installers”.
    Williams #D-11610
    Data East #520-5014-01.
    Key Benefits:
    – No High Voltage Required!  These will operate with a defective +/- 100V power supply.
    – No Fragile Gas Display!  This lightweight LED display should last 10X longer than original displays.
    – Simple design (7 Integrated circuits, NO transistors).
    – All integrated components are current technology available from most distributors.
    – LEDs are made with black face to help in visual aesthetics when the machine is turned off.
    Game Compatibility:
    Big Guns
    F14 TomCat*
    Space Station
    Swords of Fury
    *NOTE for F-14 TOMCAT: Two different score display boards were used in F-14 TOMCAT. The EARLY production model had 4 twist lamp socket holes in the circuit board and was labeled with the part number D-11415.
    If your machine DOES NOT have the (4) socket holes in the display, this is the correct display.

    Data East:
    Playboy 35th
    Time Machine
    Torpedo Alley
    Secret Service