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24-Pin Male/Male "Z" Connector
    24-Pin Male/Male "Z" Connector
    Purchase 24-Pin Male/Male "Z" Connector
    • Product ID: MWWS156-1624
      24-Pin Male/Male "Z" Connector

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    This 24-pin .156 Z connector can easily be broken down into smaller segments when less than 24 pins need to be connected.
    Rated to withstand higher temperatures (thus the black color).
    Suitable replacement for all .156 Z connectors used in all manufacturers solid state electronic pinball machines.
    Williams WPC/WPC-95 usage chart below.
    5791-12235-02 "2h special ""z"" .156" GI
    5791-12235-04 "4h special""Z"".156" CftBL, DW, Hot_Shots_Basketball, Hurricane, PZ, TAFG, TAF
    5791-12235-05 "5h special""Z"".156" BR, CftBL, FS, GI, Slugfest_92
    5791-12235-06 "6h special ""z"" .156" BSD
    5791-12235-07 "7h special z"".156" DM, GI, RS, STTNG, IJ, TZ
    5791-12235-08 "8h special ""Z"" .156" Slugfest_92
    5791-12235-09 "9h special ""z"" .156" Hurricane, Slugfest_92, TAF
    5791-12235-10 "10h special""Z"".156" Slugfest_92
    5791-12235-13 "13h special ""z"" .156" CftBL, Slugfest_92