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Stern Interlock Switch Mounting Bracket
    Stern Interlock Switch Mounting Bracket
    Purchase Stern Interlock Switch Mounting Bracket
    • Product ID: 535-9794-00
      Stern Interlock Switch Mounting Bracket

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    Coin door interlock switch bracket used on all Stern SAM system machines and some SPIKE 2 system machines.
    Game Compatibility:
    World Poker Tour
    Stern Pirates of the Caribbean
    Family Guy
    Stern Spider-Man/Black Spider-Man
    Wheel of Fortune
    Stern Indiana Jones
    Stern Batman
    Stern NBA
    Iron Man
    Big Buck Hunter
    Avatar (all versions)
    Tron (all versions)
    Stern Rolling Stones (all versions)
    Transformers (all versions)
    AC/DC (all versions)
    The Avengers (all versions)
    X-Men (all versions)
    Metallica (all versions)
    Stern Star Trek (all versions)
    Mustang (all versions)
    The Walking Dead (all versions)
    WWE (all versions)
    Stern KISS (all versions)
    Stern Black Knight: Sword of Rage (all versions)
    Stern Jurassic Park (all versions)
    Stern Elvira's House of Horrors (all versions)
    Stern Star Wars Comic Art (all versions)
    Stranger Things (all versions)
    Stern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (all versions)
    Avengers Infinity Quest (all versions)
    Led Zeppelin (all versions)
    The Mandalorian (all versions)
    Stern Godzilla (all versions)
    Rush (all versions)
    James Bond 007 (all versions)
    Foo Fighters (all versions)
    Venom (all versions)
    Jaws (all versions)
    Stern Reference #535-9794-00.

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