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11930 Oak Creek Parkway, Huntley, IL 60142, USA
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Annual Open House Information


During the Chicago Pinball Expo we will be holding our annual Open House.
This will be a two day event with a different format each day.

Thursday, October 17th from 10am-4pm
  • Free admission
  • Over 40 games on free play
  • Free non-alcoholic beverages
  • Free light lunch and snacks
  • If you are more about having access to the machines and parts and don't like crowds, this is probably the day for you to attend. We expect this to be a low key, mellow day, comparatively.
  • Thursday’s event includes the use of laser lights and strobe lights. If you have an aversion to either of these things then this is not the show for you.
Friday, October 18th from noon-6pm
  • This is the day we bring the party!
  • This will be a charity event with all entry fees being donated to The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Admission $20
  • Order your Friday ticket(s) -
  • Total Nuclear Annihilation #550 (final production game off the line) to be auctioned off at 3:00 pm!
  • Medieval Madness LE #1 to be auctioned off immediately after TNA auction concludes.
  • Over 40 games on free play
  • Free photo booth (yes, a real one that you get inside and pull the curtain closed).
  • Free *adult* kiddie ride
  • Free Skeeball tournament with fabulous prizes
  • Claw machine on free play with fabulous prizes
  • Limited free alcoholic beverages (3 drink maximum)
  • Free non-alcoholic beverages
  • Free hot lunch and snacks
  • Free Soft Serve Ice Cream
  • Friday’s event includes the use of laser lights, strobe lights and latex. If you have an aversion to any of these things then this is not the show for you.

Get your official Pinball Life Open House t-shirt designed by Brad Albright here –
Take a look at all the other cool stuff Brad has drawn here -

We are issuing entry tickets for the Friday charity event simply to control the amount of people who attend, as over-crowding has been a concern for many who have attended in the past. A maximum of 200 tickets will be sold. 100% of the ticket cost will go to assist Team G (Bryan and Deb Kelly, and their grandson, Gordon) in their continuing efforts to fight juvenile diabetes.
More info about this charity can be found here -

Our Address: 11912 Oak Creek Parkway, Huntley IL 60142

Our phone number: 847-515-3415

Pre-orders are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Please send all pre-orders to before Wednesday, October 9th. Pre-orders will be available for pick up on both Thursday and Friday, but to pick up on Friday you must have a party ticket.
Order your Friday ticket(s) -

You do not have to purchase anything to attend except a ticket for the Friday charity event (Thursday is free).

Scott Danesi from Danesi Designs & Charlie Emery from Spooky Pinball will be on hand to answer any and all questions about Total Nuclear Annihilation and the auctioning off of the last machine.

The VIP room will be open for all to enjoy (both days, but alcohol on Friday only).

All questions and concerns should be directed to Terry -

We are proud to be a part of the 5-day Chicago Expo event!

Below are some of the show specials.  Please keep in mind all sales at the open house are cash only and will be discounted across the board.

  • Williams/Bally WPC-era Ribbed Chrome Leg Sets - $40.00
  • WPC/WPC-95 Coin Doors - $115.00
  • PinGulp Pro Drink Caddies - $10.00
  • PinGulp Premium Drink Caddies - $12.00
  • Standard Playfield Glass - $22.00
  • Widebody Playfield Glass - $30.00
  • Widebody Playfield Glass with "Tempered" Logo - $20.00
  • WPC/WPC-95 Backglass Glass - $20.00
  • Williams/Bally WPC-era Stainless Steel Lockdown Bars - $50.00
  • Bally Stainless Steel Lockdown Bar (circa 1974-1988) - $50.00
  • Williams/Bally WPC-era Widebody Stainless Steel Lockdown Bars - $80.00
  • Williams/Bally WPC-era Stainless Steel Side Rail Sets - $40.00
  • Metal Cabinet Protector Sets - $12.00
  • PinGuard Cabinet Protector Sets - $12.00
  • 125-Piece Black or White Rubber Kits - $25.00
  • 125-Piece Translucent Rubber Kits - $30.00
  • BriteButtons Illuminated Flipper Button Set (except Sys 9& 11) - $25.00
  • BriteButtons Illuminated Flipper Button Set for System 9 & 11 - $30.00
  • Set of 4 PerfectPlay Leg Caster Set (any color) - $8.00
  • Real Knock Kit for Stern SPIKE & SPIKE 2 Machines - $35.00
  • PinWrench Leg Bolt & Backbox  Wrench - $10.00
  • TNA Hot Pinball Action Marquee - $30.00
  • Headphone Jack and External Volume Control For Stern SPIKE 2 Pinball Machines - $45.00

Below is a list of the games that will be at the open house this year.  This list is subject to change/grow.  Some, but not all, of these machines will be for sale as well.  If you would like to bring a game and get free admission on both days, please contact Terry at or by calling (847)515-3415.

  • Scoregasm Prototype #1
  • Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle
  • Total Nuclear Annihilation
  • Munsters
  • Rob Zombie
  • America's Most Haunted
  • Trilogy Beer Custom Machine
  • Multimorphic's Lexy Lightspeed
  • Earthshaker Aftershock
  • Orbiter One
  • Paragon
  • Swords of Fury
  • Sega Jurassic Park - The Lost World
  • Star Trek Pro
  • Flash
  • Playboy (Stern)
  • Popeye
  • Terminator 3
  • Fire!
  • KISS - 1979
  • Ted Nugent
  • Indiana Jones (WMS)
  • Transformers
  • Police Force
  • Vacation America
  • Baywatch
  • Sopranos
  • Castlevania Homebrew
  • Harlem Globetrotters
  • Blackout
  • Dialed In LE
  • Stars
  • Volley
  • Strikes and Spares
  • Centaur
  • Gorgar
  • Medieval Madness
  • Motor City Pinball Homebrew
Non Pinball Games:
  • Rodeo Shooting Gallery Gun Game
  • Golden Tee Complete