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Foo Fighters Center Post Genie
    Foo Fighters Center Post Genie
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      Foo Fighters Center Post Genie

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    This Center Post Gene mod allows you to add a center post to your Stern Foo Fighters pinball machine without drilling any holes in the playfield.  This installs very easily and is 100% reversible.  
    Installation Instructions:
    Step 1: Peel the protective backing from both sides of the clear acrylic bracket.  
    Step 2: Install the plastic post using a Philips screwdriver and a 3/8 inch wrench to the bracket.
    Step 3: Install the bracket on the game the same way you would install plastic protectors under the existing plastics.  Please note that the bracket only will fit in one direction, so please make sure it is oriented correctly otherwise the apron will be in the way.  Please review additional pictures above for fitment detail.
    Important Installation Note: Colored plastic protectors cannot be used on the return lanes with this kit installed due to the length of the screws holding this in place.  This kit will protect your return lane plastics as well!