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'Pinball Violations (Maintenance & Repair) Notepad
    'Pinball Violations (Maintenance & Repair) Notepad
    Purchase 'Pinball Violations (Maintenance & Repair) Notepad
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      'Pinball Violations (Maintenance & Repair) Notepad

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    After you've had a bunch of people over playing your pinball machines all night, this incredibly helpful notepad makes repair & maintenance a breeze.
    When you have a few of these *Pinball Violations* notepads hanging around or on your machines, it is easy for your guests to write you a ticket describing exactly what went wrong with your machine, should any incident occur.  The *ticket* can then be peeled from the notepad and stuck to your machine's playfield glass.  When you get around to fixing any issues that occurred on the night of the party, you don't have to try figure out or remember what the issue was, the ticket will be right there on your machine's playfield waiting to remind you!
    These handy pinball violation notepads are are also great for leaving repair notes for your tech if you are not going to be around the day they are there working on your machines.
    Each notepad contains 25 *tickets*.
    Another great product from Rage Tilt Pinball!