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'Playfield Mini-Spotlight Assembly Kit
    'Playfield Mini-Spotlight Assembly Kit
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    • Product ID: PBL-100-3796-00
      'Playfield Mini-Spotlight Assembly Kit

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    Need a little extra light somewhere on your playfield, but you don't want to install one of those big reflector hoods?  Then this low profile spotlight is just what you need!
    This assembly is almost not noticeable when installed in your machine; perfect for a splash of light to light up a playfield sign, bash toy, or any space where a bit of extra light is needed.
    The mini-spotlight assembly comes with two LED lamps with a piggyback harness (1 cool white & 1 red).  This allows for more installation choices when adding them to your machine.  Simply replace the machine's lamp socket with the LED lamp piggyback harness, and then plug the mini-spotlight assembly into said harness.
    This mini-spotlight can be installed on any make or model pinball machine that uses BA9 (#44, #47, etc.) lamp sockets. 
    This kit comes complete with:
    1 mini-spotlight assembly with metal mounting bracket
    1 red LED lamp with a piggyback harness
    1 cool white LED lamp with a piggyback harness
    1 set of installation instructions