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Power Tap Board for WPC-95
    Power Tap Board for WPC-95
    Purchase Power Tap Board for WPC-95
    • Product ID: PBL-600-0058-00
      Power Tap Board for WPC-95

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    12 volt power tap for Williams WPC95 pinball machines.  
    This power tap provides up to 2 amps of 12v power into the standard 3 pin .093 Molex plug for your mods.
    1. Power off machine and remove backglass
    2. Unplug wire harness from J140 on the WPC Power Driver Board (see secondary image above)
    3. Plug in power tap to J140
    4. Plug in wire harness to the back of J140
    5.Connect your mod or power splitter to the Molex connector on the power tap and enjoy
    Game Compatibility List:
    Attack from Mars
    Cactus Canyon
    Cirqus Voltaire
    Junk Yard
    Medieval Madness
    Monster Bash
    NBA Fastbreak
    No Good Gofers
    Safe Cracker
    Scared Stiff
    Tales of the Arabian Nights
    The Champion Pub