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Stern SAM System CPU Board 520-5246-00
    Stern SAM System CPU Board 520-5246-00
    Purchase Stern SAM System CPU Board 520-5246-00
    • Product ID: 520-5246-00
      Stern SAM System CPU Board 520-5246-00

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    Important Note: These CPUs will come pre-installed with software from Stern Pinball when they bench tested the boards, this will most likely NOT match what your game is expecting.  You MUST update these boards with your machine's software before you power it up the first time.  This prevents damage to your power driver board.  Please see instructions below.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Make sure your game is off.
    2. Carefully transfer over the Boot flash EPROM from your old CPU to the new one.
    3. Install and connect the new CPU into the backbox.
    4. Locate DIP Switch #8 in the lower left corner of the CPU and set it to ON (to the left).
    5. Power on game.
    6. Using the 4-button service switch set (inside the coin door), press [SELECT] to begin.
    7. With the "UPDT" icon highlighted, press [SELECT].
    8. Insert the memory stick (with the latest files for your game) into the USB port.
    9. If more than one file is present on the memory stick, press [<]or [>] to locate your file. Press [SELECT] to update.
    10. Follow on-screen prompts to finish up the process.

    Stern SAM CPU board used in various SAM system Stern pinball machines. 
    Game Compatibility List:
    Batman The Dark Knight
    Big Buck Hunter
    Family Guy 
    Iron Man
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Rolling Stone
    Wheel of Fortune
    World Poker Tour 
    Stern #520-5246-00.