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Tibetan Breeze Zen 3-Flipper Coil Cooling Kit for Stern SPIKE 2 Machines
    Tibetan Breeze Zen 3-Flipper Coil Cooling Kit for Stern SPIKE 2 Machines
    Purchase Tibetan Breeze Zen 3-Flipper Coil Cooling Kit for Stern SPIKE 2 Machines
    • Product ID: SPTB-ZEN-002
      Tibetan Breeze Zen 3-Flipper Coil Cooling Kit for Stern SPIKE 2 Machines

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    Though the original Tibetan Breeze coil fan kits have been very effective at providing cool flipper coils and fade-free gameplay for pinball machines worldwide, it has became clear that due to space or arrangement limitations of the hardware on some machines, the current solution does not suit all machines; there simply is no room for an optimal fan arrangement using the existing bracket design.  This new design is compatible with more machines than the previous design (see compatibility list below).

    This new fan kit is made from polished stainless steel, so it is much stronger and takes up less space.  The brackets now look like they were factory-installed, matching the flipper components under the playfield perfectly.  The end result is a 25% larger fan for better cooling coverage and two discrete kinds of stainless steel brackets. To get beyond the right/left bracket orientation issue on Stern SPIKE 2 machines, the base now has three mounting holes,  The user picks the two mounting holes that most closely aligns the bracket with the coil for the side the kit is being mounted on.

    One of the niceties of the new bracket is the return spring connector is not a closed circle, but a kind of hook built into the stand, so you can now just hook the flipper return spring without having to unwind the ends. A convenience that is long overdue.

    And finally, the new fan and bracket combination with glide mounts mean this kit is substantially quieter than any other kit that came before it.

    The new Tibetan Breeze:ZEN kit comes in a redesigned deluxe logo box with a custom foam insert. Given that the polished stainless steel brackets are prone to fingerprints from installation, a microfiber cloth is included. All the popular components from previous fan kits, such as the precision flush cut tool, are also included with this kit.

    For machines that formerly did not have fan kits available due to space or other limitations, the Tibetan Breeze:ZEN is finally available to solve your machine's fade issues. If your machine already has other Tibetan Breeze fan kits available to suit it, you can now choose between the original less expensive Tibetan Breeze kit or go for ultimate quiet, presentation, and cool performance with the new Tibetan Breeze:ZEN.

    3 Flipper ZEN SPIKE2 contents:
    3 x Custom Stainless Steel brackets with Karma Glide mounts
    3 x Ultra-quiet fans
    1 x Fused Ticket adapter harness
    2 x 7.5' long wiring harness
    1 x Quik-lok splitter
    1 x Loctite ampule
    1 x Slim rachet
    1 x Microfiber cloth
    1 x Cotton installation gloves
    12 x Gold zipties
    1 x Pinmonk precision cutter

    Supported Game List (Stern SPIKE 2 machines using 3 flippers):
    Iron Maiden Pro/Premium/LE
    Jurassic Park Pro/Premium/LE
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro/Premium/LE
    Avengers Infinity Quest Pro/Premium/LE
    Led Zeppelin Pro/Premium/LE
    Godzilla Pro/Premium/LE
    Rush Pro/Premium/LE
    James Bonds 007 Pro/Premium/LE
    Foo Fighters Pro/Premium/LE
    Jaws Pro/Premium/LE