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Spooky Raw Backbox Hinge Set
    Spooky Raw Backbox Hinge Set
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    • Product ID: PBL-200-0136-00
      Spooky Raw Backbox Hinge Set

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    Spooky Pinball raw hinge set. 
    RAW STEEL; no paint or plating. 
    Sold as sets of 2 (1 left & 1 right hinge).
    Spooky #200-0136-00. 

    Used on the following games:
    America's Most Haunted
    Rob Zombie
    The Jetsons
    Total Nuclear Annihilation
    Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle
    Rick & Morty
    Total Nuclear Annihilation 2.0 (2022 production run)
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Looney Tunes

    Spooky #200-0136-00. 

    What are "raw hinges" and why do I need them?
    Raw hinges have never been painted, nor have they been plated with chrome or brass.  This gives you a "clean palette" to work with.  Have a crazy idea for custom hinges you would like to try out?   These hinges give you the opportunity to do so without having to spend hours (or days) blasting and/or stripping the finish off of an old set of hinges.  These hinges are brand new and have never had any finish applied to them; ready for you to create your masterpiece!