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Computer Startup/Shutdown Controller Kit
    Computer Startup/Shutdown Controller Kit
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      Computer Startup/Shutdown Controller Kit

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    The Computer Startup/Shutdown Controller (CSSC) was designed to help control custom computers in arcade machines, pinball machines, and automotive applications. 

    Today, there are a number of DIY projects where computers are used with no easy way to control them safely powering up and down.  This is where the CSSC comes in.  The CSSC will monitor an external (machine) DC power source and power up or shut down a computer based on the state of this external supply.  It does this by monitoring both the machine power supply and the computer state, via USB.  If the machine power is turned on, the CSSC will trigger the power switch of the computer and wait for it to become active via USB.  Once the power for the machine is turned off, the CSSC will trigger the power switch once again to shut down the computer. 

    There is a significant amount of logic in the CSSC to ensure the computer is always in it's proper state.

    Kit Contents:
    - CSSC PCB
    - 4x PCB Adhesive Standoffs
    - USB Cable
    - Instructions

    Click here to download the CSSC user manual