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Stern 2-Bank Opto Board
    Stern 2-Bank Opto Board
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    • Product ID: 520-5252-02
      Stern 2-Bank Opto Board

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    The original Stern board had riveted optos, and they tended to fail.  This replacement board has some very cool features to make your life easy. The optos are all installed with standard hardware. The leads come through the board UNSOLDERED, then solder to a pad on the board. This does two things; it makes repair possible with a pencil iron, and it prevents vibration from shearing off the lead to begin with. All the board's components are through hole, making it possible to repair by traditional methods. 
    There is a red and green LED for each channel.  The red LED is lit when the emitter LED is operating, and the green LED indicates when the opto is blocked/open. This makes troubleshooting a breeze. 
    Game Compatibility List (may not be a complete list):
    AC/DC Premium, Luci, Let There Be Rock LE & Back In Black LE
    Stern Star Wars Comic Art Home Edition, *The Pin*, Pro & Premium
    Stranger Things Premium & LE.
    Stern reference #520-5252-02.
    Another quality product from Pioneer!