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Williams Fused Backbox Bridge Rectifier
    Williams Fused Backbox Bridge Rectifier
    Purchase Williams Fused Backbox Bridge Rectifier
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      Williams Fused Backbox Bridge Rectifier

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    Williams pinball System 3 through System 11 machines have 1 or 2 bridge rectifiers located in the backbox under the power supply. These old bridge rectifiers can fail, and there is no fuse between the transformer and rectifier.  It is possible, and has been known to, cause machines to catch fire.
    This updated and fused bridge rectifier board is easy to install, simply remove the old part & use the same screw to install the new part, then unplug the 4 spade connectors from the old board and move them to the new board.  Be careful to connect the 4 wires in the correct position on the new board.  Incorrectly connected wires can damage your machine.  Keeping the manual handy is wise.
    If your current bridge rectifier doesn't have the spade connectors already soldered to it, you will need to clip the wires off of your old board and crimp on new 1/4" Faston connectors before installing them on your new board (4 new connectors are included). 
    Another quality product from Pioneer!