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P3-ROC Single RGB GI PCB Assembly
    P3-ROC Single RGB GI PCB Assembly
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    • Product ID: PBL-600-0230-00
      P3-ROC Single RGB GI PCB Assembly

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    This RGB GI LED is a replacement for some direct drive P3-ROC pinball machine GI lamps. The LED assembly gets mounted to the bottom side of the playfields and protrudes up through the playfield to bring full RGB light to the surface. It can also be used in P3-ROC custom machines using PD-LED driver boards.

    It is recommended to shock mount these LEDs by using a 3/8 OD pinball rubber between the board and the playfield.

    LED Specifications:
    • LEDs are common anode
    • Pinout for the 4 pin connector on these LEDs is +VDC, Red GND, Green GND, Blue GND
    • Forward voltage is 2.4-3.3vdc
    • Max Current is 20ma per channel

    Game List:
    • Total Nuclear Annihilation (Spooky Pinball)

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